The most awaited international CTF from Bangladesh!

KnightCTF is an international CTF competition organized by Knight Squad Community. We started the trend to organize international CTF events in Bangladesh with KnightCTF-2022 and we are determined to continue this event every year. KnightCTF-2022 was the beginning of that journey and exactly after one year, here we go again!
Start Time : 20 January 2023 09:00 PM Bangladesh Time

Fourth and Fifth prize
[+] 5x Wolfram|One Personal Edition
[+] 5x Wolfram|Alpha Pro
[+] 5x Shodan Memberships

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Contestants can compete as a team in the competition and
each team may have a minimum of ONE member and a maximum of FIVE members.

Our Sponsors

Tons as well as tons of thankfulness along with an appreciation for all of our sponsors who made this event possible.

Our Partners

We just want to say that, by cooperating with us, our partners helped us technically and mentally as they had faith in us to be worth helping —Thanksgiving for extending all that support of our partners.

About Us

We are Knight Squad, an ethical hacker community in Bangladesh founded on 28 January 2020. Since then the community has been trying to contribute to the cyber space of Bangladesh by organizing free workshops, CTF competitions and so on. Our official website :