Unveiling the Knights Behind Knight CTF

Meet the Hackers in Shining Armor: The Guardians of Knight CTF

Noman Prodhan

Md. Moniruzzaman Prodhan NomanProdhan Founder & Event Director

Md. Moniruzzaman Prodhan, also known as Noman Prodhan. He is a cybersecurity enthusiast with a Diploma in Computer Technology. Currently pursuing a BSc in CSE, he's been active in the cybersecurity field since 2019. NomanProdhan is a contract cybersecurity trainer, skilled in Penetration Testing, VAPT, and passionate about Malware Analysis. He's the founder of Knight Squad, KnightCTF, and BDSec CTF, all dedicated to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and fostering a collaborative community.


Md. Tareq Ahamed Jony 0xt4req Platform Administrator and Challenge Creator

Tareq Ahamed is a cyber security enthusiast who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Computer Science & Technology. He's been actively working in the cyber security field since 2021. TareqAhamed is a bug hunter & a CTF player. He has discovered bugs in some well known company like Yahoo, NextCloud, Acronis, Apache, Mozilla etc. He is also a founding member of Knight Squad and CTF challenge creator in KnightCTF and BDSec CTF. He's very passionate about his work.


Saif Abdullah Khan badhacker0x1 Challenge Reviewer and Creator

Saif Abdullah Khan also known as badhacker0x1, a dedicated cybersecurity enthusiast who currently serves as a network engineer in a prominent company. He is a remarkable bug hunter and CTF player. Saif's journey in the realm of cybersecurity began at 2020.Since then he has become reknowned for his bug discoveries in major companies such as BMW, Ford, Aruba, Apple, Microsoft, and many more. He is also a founding member of Knight Squad and CTF challenge creator in KnightCTF and BDSec CTF.


Parvez Mosharaf Siam pmsiam0 Promotions Coordinator and Challenge Creator

Parvez Mosharaf Siam is a cybersecurity enthusiast known for his achievements as a bug bounty hunter and skilled CTF player. He has a remarkable track record of identifying vulnerabilities in renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and GitHub, underscoring his cybersecurity expertise. Joining the Knight Squad team in 2021, Parvez actively contributes to enhancing online security. Parvez is also a dedicated CTF challenge creator for KnightCTF and BDSec CTF, demonstrating his commitment to developing cybersecurity skills.